G.C.F in Helsinki
Hace 3 meses
LailaBug3800 Hace un día
Oh my gawd
比嘉直樹 Hace un día
Marilú Campos
Marilú Campos Hace un día
Bts To Perú♥️😭
Noah's Gaming Dimension
Noah's Gaming Dimension Hace un día
Where do you make your mv videos at bts
karla gonzalez
karla gonzalez Hace un día
Seokjin BROUGHT it
Shilviya Shalini
Shilviya Shalini Hace un día
Hi I am ada sheron my birthday is on 9 March 2008 wow suga our birthday is on a same day and I am not lieing at all Really I don't know this before
Ramita Maleewat
Ramita Maleewat Hace un día
so cute
Kim lele
Kim lele Hace un día
Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Ni el mismísimo diablo: Yo: nmms pinche arem bien bebecito😢😢
I am a Bangladeshi army.And Bangladesh is safe from coronavairas.
Sarah Emmanu
Sarah Emmanu Hace un día
Por que o Guinho não está aí?
Izz A
Izz A Hace un día
Where is this place actually
Fernanda Ignacia
Fernanda Ignacia Hace un día
Avery Baker
Avery Baker Hace un día
Years ago this is how i figured put eho the leader was of BTS
karla gonzalez
karla gonzalez Hace un día
The boys in all their random glory 🙌
Valentina Morales
Valentina Morales Hace un día
Las Pullis
Las Pullis Hace un día
I, love Sou Moch
Zunisa Yusof
Zunisa Yusof Hace un día
my mochi
Trang Do
Trang Do Hace un día
CECILIA :v Hace un día
*Me? Crying over 7 boys who dont know i exist? Yes that is absolutely what im doing*
장기영 Hace un día
와아아아아아아아ㅏ아아아아아아아아아ㅏ아아아아아아앙 한국인 모여서ㅜ 수다 떨기
Michelle Chan
Michelle Chan Hace un día
happy birthday Jimin!!!!! 🎉
Jade Silva
Jade Silva Hace un día
Trang Do
Trang Do Hace un día
wearsmycamera Hace un día
0:18 i cant with yoongi😂
elisabeth mutiara novianti
elisabeth mutiara novianti Hace un día
Babies 😭😭😭
Morgana Yarel Jared
Morgana Yarel Jared Hace un día
Ok, quiet j-hope you keep eating your richest buffett while I watch you from my youtube eating my bread humbly ;) no problem :v
Isak R
Isak R Hace un día
Faded colour Jk appeared (1:52) then transitioned into coloured and Jimin appeared.. Sorry for being delulu-ing here 😂😂
lovetenndaer Hace un día
Julie Cha
Julie Cha Hace un día
💜💜💜 언제나 응원해요, 방탄소년단!!
LOUD FÁ PH Hace un día
Lisa Leon Fragozo
Lisa Leon Fragozo Hace un día
Alguien que me diga que no soy la única que sigue viendo y escuchando este temazo en pleno 2020 ♡♡
jungkook love
jungkook love Hace un día
Awww,jimin in his little ponytail cutest thing ever
jvhh Hace un día
we miss eat jin
nicole barrato
nicole barrato Hace un día
*i miss jungkook*
Valeria Alean Medellin Zavala
Valeria Alean Medellin Zavala Hace un día
Que onda con. Eso👅👅👎👎
Rhuztyjoe Aguila
Rhuztyjoe Aguila Hace un día
The outfit..goshhh.. i 💜..i 👍
putri deanida
putri deanida Hace un día
I'm army:))
Yoonji Min
Yoonji Min Hace un día
My sister said "Mas maganda pa yung kanta kaysa sa akin" (The song is more beautiful than me) and I just think it's witty af and everyone can pretty much relate.
Valentina Morales
Valentina Morales Hace un día
Noemi Quipildor
Noemi Quipildor Hace un día
Amor miooooooo
lio leaf
lio leaf Hace un día
why is this in my recommended after how many years
밥주세요 Hace un día
짐심으로 말하는데 무대에 말을 올리는 행위는 동물학대입니다 말은 예민하고 공포심을 잘느끼는 동물입니다 .....
snowdrop beauty
snowdrop beauty Hace un día
And we still don't know why Tae was laughing 👀
hdjsk jkiovejkr
hdjsk jkiovejkr Hace un día
the struggle of being bisexual
Tess Serkin
Tess Serkin Hace un día
nobody: not even james charles: my last 7 brain cells during a test:
Namjoonie Jones
Namjoonie Jones Hace un día
We army’s are upset with the world tour being canceled but imagine them, they had a whole comeback ready for us but because of the virus those plans are ruined, the amount of time and effort they spent on this comeback is incredible, I hope they know that after all they do we’re still grateful with what we get and what they do. Hope Army’s recover through these sad moments especially Bangtan this is a very devastating moment for them🥺
Clementine Winchester
Clementine Winchester Hace un día
I wanna learn this dance sooooo bad 😫
Riona Hace un día
he's vibing
은수은수 Hace un día
지민옵 궁디팡팡ㅋㅋ
Saurav Nandi
Saurav Nandi Hace un día
1:10 jungkook being jungshooked
Kader Çelik
Kader Çelik Hace un día
You are so sweet and I don't know how to deal with this 😩
jhaina mae limbo
jhaina mae limbo Hace un día
Theyre in palawan
bart0721 Hace un día
당신들 음색이 내 방보다 깔끔해...
Layla Vanier
Layla Vanier Hace un día
Dir qu’il est 2h du matin et que jecoute la musique super forte xd 🤩 Avec mes écouteur
Kathy 71
Kathy 71 Hace un día
Jungkook in this song, without a doubt, brought out his sexy side, his ease of rapping, his versatility with his voice and he was only 17 years old. For those who hate, stop looking for bad things from Jk, already annoying.
Hung Trinh
Hung Trinh Hace un día
ishita shah
ishita shah Hace un día
Is this song not available on apple music?
Aang Rochyadi
Aang Rochyadi Hace un día
My namits kalifa
Chae형원 Hace un día
Jungkook was literally 15 here.... *I ' M M E L T I N G*
Aang Rochyadi
Aang Rochyadi Hace un día
I army
กชมน นพรัตน์
กชมน นพรัตน์ Hace un día
พี่จินแกะป้ายรองเท้าก่อนไหมอะ อยากแกะให้เลย #army #bts
Tengku Lissa
Tengku Lissa Hace un día
I need full cover of jk shallow please
queen aries
queen aries Hace un día
So cute and so round
Rachel 427
Rachel 427 Hace un día
BTS is the only thing keeping me sane while being stuck at home because of the Coronavirus 😂💜💜
Izabela Ramirez
Izabela Ramirez Hace un día
Alguien la sigue escuchando en pleno 2020??
Moataz Al Hammadi
Moataz Al Hammadi Hace un día
Taehyung is me when i sing cypher!😂
masuvi spring
masuvi spring Hace un día
ESstream be like let me recommend u thia after fking 7 years ,, ,,, *yes*
Vero Perz
Vero Perz Hace un día
Ahh mi j-hope es tan lindo y perfecto, lo amo
Bea Grace Nicolas
Bea Grace Nicolas Hace un día
I'm happy seeing how happy you are 😍
Binika Parajuli
Binika Parajuli Hace un día
I am satisfied they just called my country
Eternal 7
Eternal 7 Hace un día
Dear BigHit, I need these Behind-the-Scenes Episodes English translation please. Thank you. Binge-watching your Bangtan Episodes during this trying period of CVid19 quarantines.
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Hace un día
i love you spine breaker.
Rosario Castellanos
Rosario Castellanos Hace un día
난 당신을 사랑합니다 지민 저는 새로운 군대입니다
Chutichada Yoocharoen
Chutichada Yoocharoen Hace un día
i love you😭😭😭😭
Iliana martinez
Iliana martinez Hace un día
So cute 💜🤧
minh phạm
minh phạm Hace un día
jungkook ahhhhhhhhh
โซ มี่
โซ มี่ Hace un día
rani cahya
rani cahya Hace un día
Taehyeong-i wae seulpeun eolgul-eul gajigo issseubnikka?
Crisky Hace un día
*Best recommendation*
krabbiekassie Hace un día
The way they all got so excited over not having to be the princess 😭😂 I don't stan anymore but I miss this era
ineee Hace un día
i summoned you to comeback.
Мээрим Туурумбек
Мээрим Туурумбек Hace un día
Jin 😂😂
Khoancha Aran
Khoancha Aran Hace un día
Me: going through the comments section to understand what they are speaking.
Yada Thongplian
Yada Thongplian Hace un día
My baby angel jimin 🎂😊
Hashir Gill
Hashir Gill Hace un día
Who is watching in 2020...?😍😍
Chae형원 Hace un día
This video just made my heart melt :(( my boys have really grown so much. Keep on walking on flowery paths, BTS!
슈잉슈잉 Hace un día
Mk Rathore
Mk Rathore Hace un día
I can't take my eyes from jin. He looking so hot in pink sweater with forehead.
Wanderlust Hace un día
3:23 me when I saw hobi’s forehead
전중국Jeon Jungkook
전중국Jeon Jungkook Hace un día
I didn't know jungkook is a stripper
M I S Hace un día
it was four years ago and now ESstream brings it back in 2020
Debby Nicol
Debby Nicol Hace un día
Ahora ya no es "blanca nieves y los siete enanos" si no que "blanca nieves y los siete coreanos" jajajajaja XD
Chutichada Yoocharoen
Chutichada Yoocharoen Hace un día
You are the coolest musician of my life