The Weeknd - Faith (Audio)
Lara Maria
Lara Maria Hace un hora
He rediscovered the 80's
Carlos Vinicius
Carlos Vinicius Hace un hora
Wrestlemania 36!!!!!?
MVP Hace un hora
It's been 4 years since I dated my ex girlfriend, And I been a music artist for 13 years and so far my music career is going well and I want to inspire people through it . Also my rap name is Top notch MVP. 😎😎😎😎😎
Saif Siddiqui
Saif Siddiqui Hace un hora
This song is sick but what the fuck is actually happening in this video
Seema Devi
Seema Devi Hace un hora
WWE wrestle mania theme 🎶
Insxnity.ツ Hace un hora
No one else hears the distortion am I tripping!?
Dede Dede
Dede Dede Hace un hora
New michael jackson
Fernando Ramirez
Fernando Ramirez Hace un hora
Huuuu!!! I remember when I was driving my truck hanging around all the City by nigt, wath amasing, great video is this, love it
Multitask Hace un hora
i prefer this song with weed
Kennet Hace un hora
The weekend is a copy of the strokes xdxxdddx
Big Dave
Big Dave Hace un hora
6 weeks at UK no. 1 as of 7 April 20. The track of coronavirus lockdown!
Cyber Scout
Cyber Scout Hace un hora
The highway bridge looks familiar 😂😂
Indrajeet Chouhan
Indrajeet Chouhan Hace un hora
At 69M finally.
Петя Петрович
Петя Петрович Hace un hora
Leonardo Hace un hora
This need to be the song of gta 6 trailer
DIEGO LOPEZ Hace un hora
Pinche cumbion bien loco ⏯
Portemont David
Portemont David Hace un hora
j adore ta chanson elle est cool
fernand munegu
fernand munegu Hace un hora
top .....des tops !!!
Riio Youtube
Riio Youtube Hace un hora
sup damn coronavirus still alive.
Life of YouTuber game
Life of YouTuber game Hace un hora
This guy is real deal
Soap D
Soap D Hace un hora
Right before the video there was an ad of "In your eyes" xD
Jungletraveler00 12
Jungletraveler00 12 Hace un hora
The singer's voice reminds me of Cher a little
Anna Roderick
Anna Roderick Hace un hora
love this song so simple but amazing
Blured. Hace un hora
if Michael Jackson Was Still Alive :
Ivy Pinkstaff
Ivy Pinkstaff Hace un hora
The 80s part is the best
imen dhib
imen dhib Hace un hora
the weeknd is the most talented person on earth he can never make a bad song i've heard all of his albums and i love every single song i'm in love ...
Ivy Pinkstaff
Ivy Pinkstaff Hace un hora
I love the mix of everything
Turtleboy 156
Turtleboy 156 Hace un hora
Best music video for a Song 🐢👍👌
BeKos BLOB Hace un hora
Simp feeling proud of himself because he bought pizza for the girls 3:59
Jungletraveler00 12
Jungletraveler00 12 Hace un hora
Love the 80's style sound from 1:47 Amazing song
Piero Mannino
Piero Mannino Hace un hora
Anyway,if Rockstar games will re make Gta Vice City,THIS ONE,should be in the game even if this song went out in 2020.
Manolis Kassotis
Manolis Kassotis Hace un hora
I cant belive that this song was released only 4 months ago and no 40 years ago.
Евгения Зюзя
Евгения Зюзя Hace un hora
The track is literally ingenious!!!
Munkhtsetseg Sukhbat
Munkhtsetseg Sukhbat Hace un hora
I wanna listen to this music when i am driving
littlestgames Hace un hora
You copied this from the Indian version
Julita Luna Bahamonde
Julita Luna Bahamonde Hace un hora
It seems like a 80's music!!! I love It!!
Josh Spinks
Josh Spinks Hace un hora
Abel Tesfaye has a truly incredible voice. A lot of songs you hear have been cleaned up with auto tune but he sounds exactly the same as in his song.
Dark Raider
Dark Raider Hace un hora
He should have played joker role
Malika Ounssi
Malika Ounssi Hace 2 horas
Someday our grand kids are going to brag about how unfair it is that we were living in the same age as this legend while they have some shitty musicians
Mr.BeatLust Hace 2 horas
69 Million Views <3
Angelツ Hace 2 horas
They should use this song in Stranger Things season 4
Steve Jaros
Steve Jaros Hace 2 horas
M sam
M sam Hace 2 horas
Glad that I had been enjoying this masterpiece way before Ramin’s cover 🤟🏻
Анна Hanna
Анна Hanna Hace 2 horas
Antonios Bateras
Antonios Bateras Hace 2 horas
Blinding lights the weekend!!! Super song!!!!
David Hernandez
David Hernandez Hace 2 horas
Thanks to this song now I have to pay child support
Dark Raider
Dark Raider Hace 2 horas
Weekend Joker
Fleur Merveille
Fleur Merveille Hace 2 horas
Good !! 😉❤️❤️❤️
Hedy Graphics
Hedy Graphics Hace 2 horas
Listening to this once again in 2020🙏🤤
Bob Bobberr
Bob Bobberr Hace 2 horas
Vaibhav Srivastava
Vaibhav Srivastava Hace 2 horas
Weeknd + Ramin Djawadi= 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Alp YİĞİT Hace 2 horas
I loved this clip.
Professor Pepperoni
Professor Pepperoni Hace 2 horas
Eugene J
Eugene J Hace 2 horas
2:00 Hell is a reference to the Heath Ledger s joker?
Sarah Raelyn
Sarah Raelyn Hace 2 horas
We’ll always listen Abel. 🖤
Ryan Lai
Ryan Lai Hace 2 horas
love your warm voice and all songs...
Mahnoor Yusuf
Mahnoor Yusuf Hace 2 horas
As he comes out from the show his after hours album plays.
XxAlienated777Xx •
XxAlienated777Xx • Hace 2 horas
The Weeknd and dua lipa need to collaborate like it needs to happen
hansel lezat
hansel lezat Hace 2 horas
WrestleMania 36 theme song....
Gideon Waxfarb
Gideon Waxfarb Hace 2 horas
I really like this genre of music... except for the beats. There is good retro and bad retro, and those drums belong in the later category.
The PS4 Doomer Soundtrack
Negan Smith
Negan Smith Hace 2 horas
WWE WrestleMania
Mjhnjhb Bgfvhfc
Mjhnjhb Bgfvhfc Hace 2 horas
Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale Hace 2 horas
it seems that this is your favorite song
Linda Pedersen
Linda Pedersen Hace 2 horas
Amazing song love it !!
Keith & Cars
Keith & Cars Hace 2 horas
He went full Hall & Oates with that saxophone. I'm here for it.
Petrina Reid
Petrina Reid Hace 2 horas
Them:How was your weeknd Me: Heartless!!
Angel Nunez
Angel Nunez Hace 2 horas
i F'N hate wen they say why do u listen to nothimg but the weekend all the time ? / he'z trash.. ; bihhhh first of all itz { XO T W O D } 2nd if you don't know what I'm talking about then let's jus end the convo right here .. kuss you ain't nun but a lido bitty b°°ch .
Afra Nuarey
Afra Nuarey Hace 2 horas
I am watching too much Wong Kar Wai movies to see similarities in the cinematography
Kim Boy
Kim Boy Hace 2 horas
Who is here because of the 1st abril Gta 6 trailer?
Petrina Reid
Petrina Reid Hace 2 horas
Sounds like one of those songs from back then when people use to go around on roller skates, I love it
Life With Noah
Life With Noah Hace 2 horas
when i didn't hear the lyrics i thought it was called fartless
Declan Hargreaves
Declan Hargreaves Hace 2 horas
The is the most 'Midnighty' song i've heard by another artist than them, so glad this genre of music is getting the popularity it rightly deserves
DEC22 Hace 2 horas
Edlyn Maree
Edlyn Maree Hace 2 horas
This hits 10x harder when your high as a kite, I jump every time that beat drops in the middle
robert Hace 2 horas
Ulle przezajekurwabisty numer!
Red Shaddows
Red Shaddows Hace 2 horas
*when the king returns*
Viviana Vargas
Viviana Vargas Hace 2 horas
The slow mo part hits different
Viviana Vargas
Viviana Vargas Hace 2 horas
I wanna help this guy so bad but its all just fake
Tushar Radhakrishnan
Tushar Radhakrishnan Hace 2 horas
Now that Abel has signed a deal with Mercedes who wants him to Lewis
Mayank Rawal
Mayank Rawal Hace 2 horas
Heads off to the Director.
fantasy Hace 2 horas
Omg Michael Jackson
Ellie Oh- Dreher
Ellie Oh- Dreher Hace 2 horas
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Zetz. e
Zetz. e Hace 2 horas
the እወድሃለሁ at the end will always hit different
Aleyna Hace 2 horas
this is soo good im in love <333333
Bajram Redzepi
Bajram Redzepi Hace 2 horas
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Pertect song
🔥🔥 are you still listening every day This performance is Wonderful 1:14 🖤💓💯 👇👇👇👇👇
Joon K
Joon K Hace 2 horas
Hope he reattaches his head for the 'save your tears' video or is she going to tote his head around?
Chris breezy760
Chris breezy760 Hace 2 horas
This song should of been on GTA vice city
Miodrag Radosavljevic
Miodrag Radosavljevic Hace 2 horas
NewRetroWave rocks 👊
Phuong Tran
Phuong Tran Hace 2 horas
Hi! Westworld fan
Dope _103
Dope _103 Hace 2 horas
How to feel high put it on 0.75x speed
Allexis Baret
Allexis Baret Hace 2 horas
Anyone!?joker vibe ? ⬇
Tae V
Tae V Hace 2 horas
Dude don't do drug ffs we need Artists like you .. know our importance and our life.. you can't be that selfish
Mike Riley
Mike Riley Hace 2 horas
I prefer the Westworld cover.
Imrich Juhasz
Imrich Juhasz Hace 2 horas
Max Martin, Oscar Holten ...congrats for the music👍👌🎵🎧🙏
Rachel Manning
Rachel Manning Hace 2 horas
Tadhg Fleming and Derry brought me here
Aashutosh Mali
Aashutosh Mali Hace 2 horas
Welcome to Wrestlemania!!!!!
Demi Demi
Demi Demi Hace 3 horas
perfect song and the singer has an amazing voice with nice.. RESPECT FROM GREECE!!
Lucas Garcia
Lucas Garcia Hace 3 horas
Dj Guga deixou essa música mais Linda!!!
Piero Mannino
Piero Mannino Hace 3 horas
The 80s never die!