engene rhianna
engene rhianna Hace 2 horas
no one: literally no one: them:"ironman"
Oanh Phan
Oanh Phan Hace 2 horas
Jungwon is very very cuteeeeee
navi jae
navi jae Hace 2 horas
jake really hits different with that hairstyle
navi jae
navi jae Hace 2 horas
jake is always struggling while opening those things please he's so cute
Maria Flo
Maria Flo Hace 2 horas
Heesung steal Jake's snack Jungwon cut off Jake's head Jake : Andwaeeee
SIRIUS Hace 2 horas
8:21 what an obvious lie Mr.Park }:-(
noonchi Hace 2 horas
Love this so much!!! ❤️ I don't mind spending my hard-earned money for enhypen merch
navi jae
navi jae Hace 2 horas
jake's so cute when he's mixing korean and english while talking. his voice changes lmao
Oanh Phan
Oanh Phan Hace 2 horas
Bluee Harteuu
Bluee Harteuu Hace 2 horas
Jake iconic line: "Andwaeeee"
Roseline Hace 2 horas
ENHYPEN Birthday, 18 September^^
navi jae
navi jae Hace 2 horas
jake really be taking suga's advice about unboxing seriously, why is he so pure😭
Secret Dreamer
Secret Dreamer Hace 2 horas
Aahhh their first season greeting!!! So happy to witness all their firsts!❤
Roseline Hace 2 horas
Sella li
Sella li Hace 2 horas
Who is guy in gray sweeter;
mara enhypen
mara enhypen Hace 2 horas
Meus bbs🥺💕
kiiwiqloss Hace 2 horas
Adgwhfcesgve jake is sooooooo CUTEE 😭
Michaela Supresencia
Michaela Supresencia Hace 2 horas
My bday is on Nov. 7 which is also my fav number lol
Rue Ryuu
Rue Ryuu Hace 2 horas
2:31 I can't with this kid😭😭🤣
KAETHOS MEDIA Hace 2 horas
These Unboxing and review videos with such adorable people make me want to buy one so badly. They're precious boys
Rue Ryuu
Rue Ryuu Hace 2 horas
2:16 Aww jay helping ni-ki saying student handbook in korean is the cutest!
ZO NO Hace 2 horas
VOvo Kang Palaka
VOvo Kang Palaka Hace 2 horas
niki best boy!
I'm Mumu_star
I'm Mumu_star Hace 2 horas
Anna Nguyen
Anna Nguyen Hace 2 horas
I will never get over this heeseung look
ChoiChanheeTXTHEB EN- VERIVERY ONEUS Hace 2 horas
I think ENHYPEN is the group that says the most they want us to wear warm :3 💖
Hanny Imania
Hanny Imania Hace 2 horas
Just another episode of Jake screaming "ANDWAEEE~" 😂
_Mysic Playz_
_Mysic Playz_ Hace 2 horas
I wish i could have bought it but im broke and have no money 😔
İlayda Ayyılmaz
İlayda Ayyılmaz Hace 2 horas
Season Greetings is already out, but how sad I couldn't afford to buy. I really want this I wonder if I beg my family too much, will they take it?
Shreya Shakya.
Shreya Shakya. Hace 2 horas
I'm still crying over the fact that JW, SN and JK never noticed that their birthdays were marked in the diary n went straight to the photographs 😐
Kim Ariee
Kim Ariee Hace 2 horas
Sunghoon inhale helieum like drinking a juice box 😂😂😂
Netik Wenu
Netik Wenu Hace 2 horas
I don't remember when sunoo is talkative like this one,in the recent or last three vlive, I couldn't find he actively speaks up his mind or describes something, he just nods or claps, I love to see him in the video
Moon Light
Moon Light Hace 2 horas
Jungwon tear Jake sticker apart Me: as expected of my clumsy baby
KI MI Hace 2 horas
届いてみたら かっこよすぎて 飾ってるよ💙💚💛💜❤💗💖
lauren orozco
lauren orozco Hace 2 horas
are we not gunna talk ab heeseung literally being a jumping bean in the beginning
Anise Slayman
Anise Slayman Hace 2 horas
I'm waiting for the shipping to be opened back to my country
leemoon sein
leemoon sein Hace 2 horas
to the staff, please don't let Ni-ki be in the corner. It felt like he wasn't there. Also thaks for this video unboxing
krystal en-
krystal en- Hace 2 horas
so who would u rather have in the corner?
Alma Bonaventura
Alma Bonaventura Hace 2 horas
When NI-KI said he choose number 7, I was be like: That's my volleyball number!!!!!!!!!
pang comment lang to
pang comment lang to Hace 2 horas
The fact that Jay has the funniest laugh, while Ni-Ki has the cutest laugh🥺
lina GM
lina GM Hace 2 horas
Ni-Ki💜 Ni-ki💜 Ni-Ki 💜is so cute 💜💜💜💜💜💜
MarrietJhoy Tagum
MarrietJhoy Tagum Hace 2 horas
ohh my baby your so cute
Ziyaaahhh A.
Ziyaaahhh A. Hace 2 horas
i want sg 🥺
Franye Chacin
Franye Chacin Hace 2 horas
I need it 😭😔
Ahra Atizado
Ahra Atizado Hace 2 horas
Look who's cryi'n rn 'cause she can't afford that Season's Greetings Package,,,of course me 😭
RainJun PeachyFoxSunoo
RainJun PeachyFoxSunoo Hace 2 horas
Sunoo in black always hits different and Heeseung and Jungwon just reminding us that Ddeonu still exists when talking about the members' birthday in the diary 😂
ゆゆゆ Hace 2 horas
lauren orozco
lauren orozco Hace 2 horas
and heeseung is obviously killing it and so is jay
Mark Ryan Diaz
Mark Ryan Diaz Hace 2 horas
Glea Panaguiton
Glea Panaguiton Hace 2 horas
Hoping I can receive any of that in my 18th b-day It was so nice
Puja Regina
Puja Regina Hace 2 horas
Jungwon jake sunoo satu frame auto pingsan maakkk
사이코지만 괜찮아🦋
사이코지만 괜찮아🦋 Hace 2 horas
"how will they study while looking at us?" omg guys they know, they know 😌💕
Doyoung's Toes
Doyoung's Toes Hace 2 horas
Can you get these on Amazon or something? Because I see how much photo cards it comes with and now I want it 💀
Nisam Putri
Nisam Putri Hace 2 horas
Real fact: i can't buy it even i want to buy it 🙂
Kyoko Hace 2 horas
I feel so broke while watching this
Nur Musyirah
Nur Musyirah Hace 2 horas
I noticed that Ni-ki becomes talkative when he's not tired 😂
nmjm jarme
nmjm jarme Hace 2 horas
Here I am watching season's greetings review of Enhypen Instead of doing my Final output which is making a FILM REVIEW of Jose Pepe Rizal Movie that have a due today omg whahaha
Lizeth Duque
Lizeth Duque Hace 2 horas
Jajajaja los amo
mesungjae_bts Hace 2 horas
Jaaayyyyyy though
MhyBok Hace 2 horas
Eu querendo comprar 💃🏻 Eu vendo que daqui a pouco estamos saindo de janeiro 👁️👄👁️👐🏻
Rose Hace 2 horas
8:21 you will find guys like this in school now tell me where the hell are they, i cant find even one
Yes, Yaoi
Yes, Yaoi Hace 2 horas
No one: Jake: a [insert item name] what !!
Judy Hu
Judy Hu Hace 2 horas
buroiraaaa Hace 2 horas
ニキの専属通訳のジェイ!! さすがの日本語力です♡
Luqita Sari
Luqita Sari Hace 2 horas
༎ຶ‿༎ຶ iam so sad
lilys shy
lilys shy Hace 2 horas
i don't understand why 50 deslikes ;-;
lilys shy
lilys shy Hace 2 horas
you is the best leader of the world, also the best cutie leader hehe i love u baby 🙈💖
Jacqueline Same
Jacqueline Same Hace 2 horas
I got sunoo's id and jake's standd
Kaila Enolpe
Kaila Enolpe Hace 2 horas
i love you all so much
13:56 - jay laugh
lilys shy
lilys shy Hace 2 horas
jungwon, you really worked hard.. because I love you, and I will always support you 😼🌷
Kim Normae Llanillo
Kim Normae Llanillo Hace 2 horas
I love you
- SunLina -
- SunLina - Hace 2 horas
Jay : Got Jungwon. Jungwon : Got Jay. Jaywon guyz Jaywon hgtghhggyvhjjjjj (:
Best Leader
Best Leader Hace 2 horas
Chanis Carlos
Chanis Carlos Hace 2 horas
Niki: I feel like I'm ENGENE now. Me: And that's why I like him. 😌❤️
Niña Angel Pica
Niña Angel Pica Hace 2 horas
cutee 🤗🤗❤️
- SunLina -
- SunLina - Hace 2 horas
Ok Heeseung with a beanie is just holly_
Muhadisa A
Muhadisa A Hace 2 horas
Sunoo looks so good here !!!
taennieshippers Hace 2 horas
Neomu chows💅💅✋🏻✋🏻😭🔥💖💖
- SunLina -
- SunLina - Hace 2 horas
Why are they so precious ❤️
shelly Sbln
shelly Sbln Hace 2 horas