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Catch these hands.
Sett fights with the strength of his fists, knocking foes down on his way to the top. With his signature punches and an attitude to kill, this half-vastayan, half-Noxian boss takes matters into his own two hands.
Sett’s Theme:
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help us
help us Hace 2 horas
Sett = Star Platinum Definitely Not Udyr = Magician's Red Runeborn Xerath = Hierophant Green Fiora = Silver Chariot Zyra = Purple Hermit
Yes Hace 5 horas
My worst nightmare
The Punisher
The Punisher Hace 10 horas
Bro i play boxing and my birthday is in 14th of January, Coincidence?
mush shu
mush shu Hace 14 horas
what champ is with sett at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="119">1:59</a>
rama-aja rama-aja
rama-aja rama-aja Hace 15 horas
Chnel suscrep rama-rama aj
Mejik-7Y Hace 19 horas
Please don't tell me I sound as this guy when yelling MUDA-MUDA
Dough Can
Dough Can Hace 19 horas
The amount of puns in this spotlight is too much for me to handle
Tanjirou Kamado
Tanjirou Kamado Hace 21 un hora
Noble Society
Noble Society Hace 23 horas
Keep grinding 🚀
Fladi Malyuzhkovych
Fladi Malyuzhkovych Hace un día
Gotta respect the DragonBall puns
Errold Tumaque
Errold Tumaque Hace un día
They should use the left side of the video to put the descriptions of the skills. It'll be easier to translate the concept with how it reads and plays in game esp with how complicated some of these new characters get
Gab Gavin
Gab Gavin Hace un día
In 1 55 lije goku and naruto but a girl lol
Santiago Ramirez-Bermudez
Santiago Ramirez-Bermudez Hace un día
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> ?????????
Michael Nielsen
Michael Nielsen Hace un día
Amazing reference humor :-)
Sandy Codfish YT
Sandy Codfish YT Hace un día
Please ban him
Bozocow Hace 2 días
ouch this is very painful to watch
RiceGod 76
RiceGod 76 Hace 2 días
This is like John Cena spotlight but a lot of anime referenced
SolarFlare Hace 2 días
Phreak is a weeb
Kassadyn Hace 2 días
I wish I could dislike this video more times, Phreak's commentary is cancer.
Robyn Hace 3 días
I will never watch a spotlight again just because of how obnoxious this dialogue is. Just explain the champion and stop jerking off...
Zelaris Hace 3 días
my favorite part is that the Japanese voice actor for sett is actually dio.
juan miguel besonia
juan miguel besonia Hace 3 días
"Sett has two fists so of course he has two passives" Everyone else who has 2 hands as well: ....
Andrey Z
Andrey Z Hace 3 días
Thanks for another VI showcase.
zeejae is nice
zeejae is nice Hace 3 días
Is dio in ionia and noxus?
owlflame Hace 4 días
This was painful to listen to.
Reason Hace 4 días
The autism in this video is off the scale.
Mista Cassla
Mista Cassla Hace 4 días
I can't believe they did a jojo reference hahaha
DeadSignature Hace 4 días
All this work on a new champ for a JoJoke
Thunder Cunt
Thunder Cunt Hace 5 días
Nerf Sett
Andrés Vides
Andrés Vides Hace 5 días
que asco mucha publicidad es tanta que estorba cada que navegas en internet
TheMikeyRocks Hace 5 días
This is so painful to watch
h2oo Hace 5 días
the puns are cringing me 😬
Toomany .Toastuhs
Toomany .Toastuhs Hace 6 días
I'm so glad i stopped playing this game 5 years ago.
Karl Salamera
Karl Salamera Hace 6 días
While using q Sett: mada mada mada mada x1000
Rindosu Hace 7 días
Jojo References: 2 Smash Bros References: 3 Dragon Ball References: 6
Hugo Pani
Hugo Pani Hace 8 días
VEGETA-bles.... I died there.
Jaouad Harmouchi
Jaouad Harmouchi Hace 8 días
Ahaha he is crillin it! Just killed me too 😂😂😂😂
Le Mkacha5
Le Mkacha5 Hace 8 días
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a> DIO barrage Lmao
xGRIM LOCKx08 Hace 9 días
Jojo mmmmmmmm
J.M.A. Hace 9 días
2 anime reference I love it db and jojo
Pj1217 Hace 9 días
A champion inspired from hentai- I mean anime. aight imma main him
Pj1217 Hace 9 días
Pj1217 Hace 9 días
WorldCreator Hace 10 días
sett my main and its op
nghia nguyen
nghia nguyen Hace 10 días
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> muda muda muda muda muda muda muda jojo
Arsenal 25
Arsenal 25 Hace 11 días
Le muda
Skorp Hace 11 días
Not gonna lie, I disliked for the low-effort puns
Purple Lamb
Purple Lamb Hace 11 días
Andrei Turtoi
Andrei Turtoi Hace 11 días
This Sett, he seems... ~M E N A C I N G~
Ari Lou Lei
Ari Lou Lei Hace 11 días
So much cringe in this spotlight. If you want to do humor in these you gotta go with dry delivery and subtlety to match the informative nature of a regular spotlight. It just clashes with the tone of the spotlight and comes across as trying too hard while not committing to comedy like the 'actual spotlight' series does. Some of the lines worked when they weren't focused on and didn't too long though.
Seli Hace 11 días
Sett is too op. Pls nerf
LICIUS G3NIS Hace 12 días
Yasuo Aspekto
Yasuo Aspekto Hace 12 días
Wait.. Did he say muda muda? Haha DIO
Soma Little
Soma Little Hace 12 días
The puns in this one are still setting in
Enzo Tan
Enzo Tan Hace 12 días
This is my fav champion spotlight
ahmad anabusi
ahmad anabusi Hace 12 días
I honestly get ban -seven deadly sins- vibes more than jojo vibes, even got the same ears and jacket and fox theme
LWKGD Hace 13 días
Just stop phreak. Just stop.
Chrome Dynamo
Chrome Dynamo Hace 13 días
ok ignoring every other stupid references he made, wtf is moodooudmoodmoodmoodmoodmooda
Luciano Kopacz
Luciano Kopacz Hace 13 días
So this is the last champion spotlight?
Max Ducks
Max Ducks Hace 13 días
DIO’s voice actor voices Sett when you change the language to Japanese. They got DIO to voice a giant DIO reference. I don’t know whether to be disgusted or rejoice to the heavens. Or Over Heaven WRYYYYYYYYYYYY
Nguyễn Đức
Nguyễn Đức Hace 6 días
How to change the voice to japanese
Superspine113 Hace 13 días
So much cringe in this video. Please. Stop.
Baldtolo Hace 14 días
Ok, that was fun to watch
Sky Notaname
Sky Notaname Hace 14 días
god this was cringy
Nikos A.
Nikos A. Hace 14 días
Nice ballbreaker you've made there
Sloane Cieckiewicz
Sloane Cieckiewicz Hace 15 días
Aphelios: 56 slide PowerPoint Sett: punch with fist!! so cool !
How about Temp
How about Temp Hace 15 días
Kelsenpai Hace 15 días
The first pun was 10/10. Everyone after made me want to quit the video. x.x
Techno Light
Techno Light Hace 15 días
Riot pls nerf that shield it’s broken
suck a DUCK
suck a DUCK Hace 16 días
He really reminds me of Lord Yama for some reason
CaptainTalon448 Hace 16 días
Sett in Japanese: Dio Sett in English: Joker from Persona 5
Muzicki Genije
Muzicki Genije Hace 16 días
Dub dio
駄目BlueEyesBlueZ Hace 17 días
That jojo reference was so cringey yet so epic
xxALPHA18xx Hace 17 días
so many anime references
Shoshonequinn Hace 17 días
Why does everyone think this is good just because of some cringe references. I want to see the actual spotlight. I have no idea what the range for the enemies are and I don't care what this guy has to say about them.
Jay Union
Jay Union Hace 17 días
Did the person talking just did a dio muda muda muda?
Whap Goblin
Whap Goblin Hace 17 días
riot plz no more cringey forced "jokes"... it actually have me a heartburn..
Abi Lisha
Abi Lisha Hace 17 días
Rito: Sett got two fists so he gets two passives. Vi: Am I a joke to you?
3rd Oracle
3rd Oracle Hace 18 días
Why this has 10k dislikes
Kuncu Hace 18 días
Anyone else getting a bunch of old spotlights recommended to them??
joshpaos Hace 18 días
Phreak: Sett's got two fists, so of course he's got two passives. Vi: Am I a joke to you?
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