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Working online whilst traveling the world sounds like a dream job for many people. But what exactly is a digital nomad? Pete and Supi live as digital nomads.
They travel the world permanently, work on the road and are always online. Their lives epitomize the digital revolution and how it is changing how we work live.
Many people dream of living and working on the road - a dream that has come true for Pete and Supi. Driven by a passion for travel, they set out to escape the dreary routine of everyday life. They want to achieve maximum self-fulfilment without big safety nets and full-cover insurance, in a nomadic world of adventure. Pete is a DJ, so parties and big cities are a defining part of his life, whereas Suparni aka Supi is the opposite; she’s looking for spirituality and awareness. The two show us the huge spectrum of opportunities that the world of the digital nomad has to offer. Despite their fundamental differences, they both earn their living by working remotely. The digital age has made this way of life possible: without the Internet, it would be almost unthinkable. But their lifestyle does have its limits, as is becoming especially evident to Suparni with her plans for parenthood. But it's hard to find someone you love who also loves the same sort of lifestyle, and the constant travel is a big obstacle.
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Cara Bom Demais
Cara Bom Demais Hace un día
Why does this seem like it was recorded in 2009?
Horace Jennings
Horace Jennings Hace 2 días
You don't have to travel to another country to be a digital nomad... basically an independent contractor or a freelancer! If you have a laptop, smartphone or a tablet and internet connection, you can be a digital nomad.
Fabián Vera
Fabián Vera Hace 5 días
So, she wants her passport benefits without paying taxes...
Gabster Hace 12 horas
She will still owe taxes if she is a U.S. Citizen.
gamer John
gamer John Hace 6 días
could this be more appeailing in a post covid world?
Universe Says
Universe Says Hace 8 días
I no longer work online. Now I'm just happily retired (I retired very early to most people's standards), and I love just being able to go wherever I want whenever I want with whomever I want. It's pure freedom. I normally don't like staying in most countries for more than a month or so anyway.
The daily beard channel Guy
The daily beard channel Guy Hace 9 días
You gata be good with a computer
Glen Castanares
Glen Castanares Hace 18 días
Watching the video made the bubbles in my head start to form but reading the comments popped those away like woooosh. 🌬
Vathi Raid'u
Vathi Raid'u Hace 18 días
Covid : Hold my beer. I made everyone to work from home.
Boha Somalic
Boha Somalic Hace 9 días
🤣 I was about that say that to everyone here!
Ania :3
Ania :3 Hace 22 días
Ale wsiury, fuu ochydne!!
clip marie
clip marie Hace 23 días
My experience of being a digital nomad is that no matter how nice your surroundings are, you are bound to the computer to put in time to do the work... In some ways, you have less time to shirk around because the work product has to be there. So you can be at a place with the nicest scenery, but it isn't _that_ different from working at an office with a nice view...
______x Hace 24 días
lol 1:20 he is talking about getting clients, but he totally ignores the person in front of him who is exactly doing the same.
Kogel Zero
Kogel Zero Hace 26 días
I think it would be nice to live like this for few years. I am sure that all the nomads will settle at some point but for now I think it's a great path. Nobody says they have to live like this forever but it's a good break from a routine....
Jo Lisa Dukarić
Jo Lisa Dukarić Hace 26 días
Useless jobs for first-worlders. And you just know they haggle down prices at markets.
Phong Thanh Luu
Phong Thanh Luu Hace 28 días
I'm fans forever
Bundeszentrale für Strickwollsocken & Meeresfrüchte
Bundeszentrale für Strickwollsocken & Meeresfrüchte Hace 28 días
Holy smokes. These people are going to hit the wall so hard, I can already hear the crash that's going to happen in the future. Not only is this lifestyle not sustainabale for 99% of so called digital nomads, living off their own or their parents' savings. Not only was never, ever a single successful company founded or operated from a beach hammock. But these people are devoting themselves to a life without a home, a family, without a longterm partner, children, without savings or social security. You can already inform the suicide hotlines that they will have to deal with the victims of this current 'digital nomad' scam, that they might need to work extra hours in about 10-20 years.
Hope Freiheit
Hope Freiheit Hace 29 días
Digital brokemads. SEA is full of these. Better to focus on money first, nomadism second.
alex Kejora
alex Kejora Hace 29 días
Success always Don't forget to stop by, friends
Digital Nomad Journey
Digital Nomad Journey Hace un mes
The world needs digital nomads. Remote work is the #futureofwork. Between pandemics, epidemics, natural disasters, civil/political unrest and other disruptive forces, working remotely allows you to work and live safely without interrupting your income. Escape the old location-based dinosaur model and evolve to be a remote worker. Your future self will thank you!
DW Documentary
DW Documentary Hace un mes
Hi @Digital Nomad Journey, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic and for watching. Be sure to check out our channel for more documentaries. Best, The DW Documentary Team
/inject0r Hace un mes
Excellent video great show!!!! 👍👍👍
Jeanpaul Melchiorre
Jeanpaul Melchiorre Hace un mes
I'd like to live that style life.
22ndCenturyBasterd Hace un mes
DW it's crazy how you attract the most bitter people who comment on your videos. This was very insightful thanks for uploading.
Laura Oechel
Laura Oechel Hace un mes
Live your dreams, girls ..but jeeez, use some good Sunblock for your faces ! ..the sun is doing you no favour there....
Laura Oechel
Laura Oechel Hace un mes
Why is an ordinary, normal name like Sophie, pronounced SZSZZUUPIIE ?? that’s SO weird 😂😂😂😂
For 91 Days Travel Blog
For 91 Days Travel Blog Hace un mes
Doing it for over 10 years - things clearly are changing now but happy not to be in an office!
DW Documentary
DW Documentary Hace un mes
Hi @For 91 Days Travel Blog, Thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts. Best, The DW Documentary Team
KENTOSI Hace un mes
There's something creepy about watching first-worlders living in poor countries, hanging around with other first-worlders, paying zero taxes and only ever interacting with locals when buying vegetables from the markets.
Universe Says
Universe Says Hace 8 días
Who says they only interact with locals when buying vegetables from the markets? I don't even film myself interacting with locals that often coincidentally, but I do so more often off camera than I do on camera. As a digital nomad myself (actually I am just retired while traveling fulltime but my retirement income is portable), I also consider it a blessing that I live in almost any country I want, even if it's just a few months at a time. Also, I contribute to the local economies in other ways if I pay zero taxes.
Ove Bakken
Ove Bakken Hace 9 días
Lunaa N
Lunaa N Hace un mes
Why are some people in this comment section acting like everyone else is supposed to lead the same mundane lifestyle of 9-5, marriage, kids, mortgages, debt and finally inevitable death?
Lala B.
Lala B. Hace un día
Exactly. No breeding, no restrictions. They are jealous
Boha Somalic
Boha Somalic Hace 9 días
Because the majority of people are simply boring! (boring herds)
mohammed ali
mohammed ali Hace un mes
I like the idea of having your work online and be able to travel and enjoy life, but I don't get why they all have the same profile, hippies, vegans, yoga, etc,,,, why don't we see different people do that work>?
iin pasomba
iin pasomba Hace un mes
Hello from Indonesia...
Pat Sha
Pat Sha Hace un mes
Every time they say he/she used to work and live in - The answer is always London. Every one is from London. You meet an African, German, French, Spaniard etc, you ask them where they from and the answer is London.
CW Productions
CW Productions Hace un mes
Been working and travelling myself for the past 5 years, best experience and dont regret a thing. But to live this lifestyle, you have to be smart about almost everything and adapt quickly to change. Not everyone has a stomach for that.
Nature, People & Places
Nature, People & Places Hace un mes
Jay's World
Jay's World Hace un mes
they all will be fired..the ceo govt understood.. they are escapist holiday they should have.. these kind of guys misused coronavirus situation also
vibez Hace un mes
drecks dokumentation
David Hace un mes
Over 30 without owning a real estate?
Carolina Rios
Carolina Rios Hace un mes
I was very interested in the subject before watching the video. But after looking at them, so poorly dressed (the men even with a hole in his hat), the only image my mind processed was like watching at homeless dreamers, rather than successful entrepreneur. Somehow I felt even petty of them. I agree with some of the comments below, a successful and sustainable career require lots of effort, discipline and concentration on professional and personal goals, as well as a supporting environment for doing so. Further, "when people get old, they don't regret about paying more for pension and insurance"... Truly false... Seed well to harvest well. ;)
B Man
B Man Hace un mes
@ 35 she still have a few years to find a man & settle down?..have kids, with which eggs?
Alfredo Hernandez
Alfredo Hernandez Hace un mes
nice living the life
Saronah Jorgen
Saronah Jorgen Hace un mes
This nomad life only applicable if you are white.
ruskisall Hace un mes
Zupee 35, not looking for a boyfriend yet, somebody need ro give her a reality check that she wont be able to make a family or even getting married 😄😄
trexbattle Hace un mes
His skating is so cringe
Ayanle Ali
Ayanle Ali Hace un mes
This was my dream job, and now it seems almost impossible because of the COVID-19 outbreak!
IK With Bike
IK With Bike Hace un mes
inspiring life...
Bobby B
Bobby B Hace un mes
I wouldn't mind a nomad girlfriend, she will leave on her own accord :D
PRATIK1900 Hace un mes
It is a very valid lifestyle, but not for everyone of course. You need a compatible job, like being a remote developer for example. It is not a holiday. It is a job. It's just that you can do this job wherever you want, instead of being tied down to a cubicle all your life (I'm saying this from the perspective of the tech industry and programming). You do your job just like a regular 9-5 person would do. In the free time, you explore and meet new people, see new cultures. This is NOT a vacation.
seff4ever Hace un mes
Hows that working out for you now?
EDEUSdisse Hace un mes
If it's too good to be true, normally is. This is starting to sound like the alaskan gold rush, 90% of these dreamers will end up in a bad place.
three times
three times Hace un mes
I don‘t like travelling. I rather buy things
Josh Owen
Josh Owen Hace un mes
Travelling 'The World". It's fun for a while, but then you get tired of it, still better to have your place where you feel happy
Daniel Peti
Daniel Peti Hace un mes
that Peter guy was more like a gipsy than a digital nomad
Paulo Almeida
Paulo Almeida Hace un mes
A coworking place in ASIA... only used by CAUCASIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paulo Almeida
Paulo Almeida Hace un mes
Step -1: Be white from a Developed Country and born in an upper class supportive family!
Mikael Stockman
Mikael Stockman Hace un mes
Such a shame to see a great documentary ruined by these voice overs :( barely watching imo
twitte0king Hace un mes
never say never to never say never
Tim Wynn
Tim Wynn Hace un mes
Hippies > Digital nomads
Abdullah Sultan
Abdullah Sultan Hace un mes
I was thinking this lifestyle is for me but after this i think am okay with my life
Guinevere O'Riley
Guinevere O'Riley Hace un mes
traveling alone with no solid steam of income. no one to talk to in person (tbh talking to friends and family online can't compare). nah, I'll take my 9-5 job. travel to enjoy, not to work while in it. to each his own.
Motivator Warrior
Motivator Warrior Hace un mes
ya, this bubble just popped
Peter Newbranch
Peter Newbranch Hace un mes
Another word for Nomads are SUPER SPREADERS. This girl is bring the virus to your town soon!
adriyk Hace un mes
Supi will feel German when she needs to go back and use the welfare system, to which she is not contributing. Very selfish.
Adrian B. Ducao
Adrian B. Ducao Hace un mes
joaomariolira Hace un mes
@DW Documentary, do you know what these nomads are up to since you made this video?
Matiiaas Hace un mes
Capitalism is gorgeous
Besmir Gjata
Besmir Gjata Hace un mes
germans know always what they're doing!
Thomas Raju
Thomas Raju Hace un mes
bali looks like my 'kERALA'
Lakazdi Design
Lakazdi Design Hace un mes
For me the moment I knew I was a successful digital nomad was when I applied for a month long apartment rental through a real-estate agency in Paris. I was accepted because I have a registered business with a certain annual turnover. In my time there I picked up a few new clients who regularly need my graphic design skills to make their reports and documents. So I was able to walk away from Paris with more money than I started. I have been living out of my backpack and suitcase with my partner for 7 years now. I often meet people while travelling who are calling themselves digital nomads when they really are beg-packers.
iProduce Worldwide
iProduce Worldwide Hace un mes
I am so happy & grateful I have multiple sources of income making millions of dollars every year. I love traveling & I receive this lifestyle. I am a digital nomad traveling the world visiting some of my favorite countries & places creating content that's helping people transform their lives. Namste
Lilian Malo
Lilian Malo Hace un mes
Is so different for everybody. But is better to travel and see the world and experience different things. Even if he/she is working, they can still have more hope and bring new ideas. Our mind works better if we do the things we love. Why do we just think “okey after I get a job and work, make money, go on a vacation I’ll be happy. Happy is being able to be happy in the process of our journey.
The Teachable one
The Teachable one Hace un mes
Dizkover Hace un mes
99% of these nomads are just bums.... aka millennials.
Hruturaj Kedar
Hruturaj Kedar Hace un mes
Who is here after corona outbreak??
DW Documentary
DW Documentary Hace un mes
Hi @Hruturaj Kedar, We're glad you came across our channel. Documentaries can be a great way to pass the time in lockdown. Check out our page for more videos or subscribe for our latest uploads. :-) Stay safe, The DW Documentary Team
vivi & fafa
vivi & fafa Hace un mes
Digital nomade : 🤤
James Kerwin
James Kerwin Hace 2 meses
Jesus some "but hurt" people in these comments. Let me guess, you spend the weekend getting drunk, chasing "birds" and don't own a passport. 😉
Slarfii Andreei
Slarfii Andreei Hace 2 meses
Basicly home no relationship no stability no maturity no familly just an idiotic ideology ...
Xandria Ravenheart
Xandria Ravenheart Hace 2 meses
Lol This aged well with the Coronavirus. All of a sudden my permanent job seems way better.
Camel & Camel
Camel & Camel Hace 2 meses
In times of Corona virus these people who only dodge to pay the rent are begging a flight back home.
George Bourlos
George Bourlos Hace 2 meses
how's the lockdown COVID19 working for #digitalnomads ?
Barsoomian Hace 2 meses
Most of these hipsters are likely holed up in their parent's basements now...
Mari Romano
Mari Romano Hace 2 meses
pro tip: beat the virus to do that again
Emily Zou
Emily Zou Hace 2 meses
White privilege makes a big difference too in making this lifestyle feasible.
Kim-o-san Hace 2 meses
What a BS!! I can work remotely and still I work from my office. The internet is faster, free snacks and coffee, free phone and air conditioning. When I leave my office, I'm completely offline. When I'm on vacation, I am completely offline and enjoy every moment of my vacation. It isn't a vacation if you are working. Most digital nomads I know are broke, unemployed and freeloaders. They have no passion for their work. They resort to giving massages or yoga classes to supplement their income. Most of them sleep on the floor or roof of hostels coz they can't afford a bed. This lady is a lie. Do you know how frequent power cuts are in Bali and across Asia? It's simply not sustainable
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