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The German conquests of 1941 left Hitler's troops perilously close to the Soviet capital, Moscow. Around Rzhev terrible fighting raged as the Red Army attacked again and again to drive back the invader. Soviet troops grimly referred to these battles as 'the Rzhev meat-grinder'. Their losses were staggering, yet this battle was overshadowed by events at Stalingrad to the south and remains largely unknown in the west.
The project "Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East" depicts the most important events and battles of World War II. The task of the project is to illustrate the history of the war by means of computer graphics, motion-picture images and wartime actuality shots.
✦ Soviet Storm. WW2 in the East ✦ The Battle of Stalingrad ✦ 7 Episode
Type: historical reenactment
Genre: docudrama
Year of production: 2011
Number of episodes: 18
Directed by: Anna Grazhdan
Written by: Artem Drabkin, Aleksey Isaev
Production designer: Valeriy Babich
Music by: Boris Kukoba
Producers: Valeriy Babich, Vlad Ryashin, Sergey Titinkov, Konstantin Ernst
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george vlavianos
george vlavianos Hace 7 horas
Today Russia is besieged financially by the US. US-NATO goals today are essentially not different from Nazi objectives then: break-up and exploitation of natural resources in the name of the immense western financial interests.
Adilson de Sousa
Adilson de Sousa Hace un día
33:13 "Ivan! Vodka's coming!"
LTrain 45
LTrain 45 Hace 2 días
Did anyone catch the Wilhelm scream at 14:12?
Алёна Кузнецова
Алёна Кузнецова Hace 3 días
Two of my grandfathers veterans, one of them survived in this hell. Once I asked him about the Battle of Stalingrad and he started to cry when I remembered how dozens of corpses lay on the streets, no one could bury them and the smell from them was horrible. He told us we were crawling on a mission, and next to someone lay a corpse from which only a burned black skeleton remained or a soldier who had a broken head and a brain leaked, and some already had worms. After that, I did not ask him about Stalingrad, because for him it is a pain.
eren mori
eren mori Hace 4 días
I wish Turkey and Soviet Georgia joined Germany's Case Blue! Offer Turkey some of the beautiful Greek Islands in exchange for troops entering southern Soviet Union and also offer Georgia full independence from the USSR. And finally get Japan to invade the Russian Far East and take the port city of Vladivostok, so Stalin must keep some of the Red Army in the east.
Hussein Hace 3 días
turkey would have been navally invaded and crushed by the Allies
Arachnied Hace 5 días
That was not vodka but rubbing alcohol to treat the wounded.
John Polding
John Polding Hace 5 días
what was the record that was played ? i have seen this in a russian drama, but did not understand the significance.
Idris Sambo
Idris Sambo Hace 7 días
Nazi miscalculated invasion that sealed his fate for good
Mao LongDong
Mao LongDong Hace 6 días
They didn’t really have a choice because of the terrible resource situation Germany was in. To vastly oversimplify WW2 economics, Germany had to gain acces to the wheat in the Ukraine and the oil of the Caucasus.
Antor Seax
Antor Seax Hace 7 días just something correcting the things about Order 227 mentioned at 4:15
agyat krut
agyat krut Hace 7 días
What is the name of the narrator? Great voice to go along with great music, especially the summary at the end.
juan pena
juan pena Hace 11 días
The Russian defeated the German army because god was with them,it was not only this winter in that country that it was too cold, the weapons of the germans like the artillery and machine guns did not work because of the cold, and the Russian guns worked perfectly and the good job the rats did to the German tanks, this is the only explanation i see in the defeat of the germans.
Xertophilios Hace 7 días
@juan pena cutting that aside for a moment, the russians took more casualties in their winter offensives than the Germans. They just had more men to throw into the meat grinder. Taking that in, would God approve such manslaughter even if it was necessary? What about France? What about Yugoslavia? What about Greece? Why didn't God back them in their hour of need?
juan pena
juan pena Hace 7 días
@Xertophilios Hitler said en his book, mein kampf that the slavic people should be either, enslaved or exterminated,besides god is an entity that sees for all human people, the church is only a human institution who did a lot of mistake in the past too
Xertophilios Hace 7 días
except the russians also appropiated properties of the servants of god (orthodox priests) for their own needs.. i wouldn't say God would have sided with the Russians
J S Hace 12 días
now that is a war ol sport
Flapper F
Flapper F Hace 12 días
Long live the Persian Corridor!
Chris Hace 12 días
How much better off the world would have been if the USSR had been defeated by Germany, and then Germany by the US and Britain. Germany failed civilization by failing to defeat Russia :-(
Ste Fan
Ste Fan Hace 12 días
Strange and broad question, how many of those fighting for the Soviets could speak, read and understand German? And how were they organised? Is there any videos of Soviet military intelligence and counter-intelligence? Thank you.
mike hoage
mike hoage Hace 13 días
i really like these seres well done my father spent 28yrs in the army ww2 and koria
santiago gonzalez
santiago gonzalez Hace 14 días
Call of duty... Identico al mapa.
Dan Livni
Dan Livni Hace 16 días
Russian Marshall Vasily Chuikov led the defense and victory at Stalingrad
Zooloo King Zooloo
Zooloo King Zooloo Hace 16 días
It was an awful period of time for young people to be recruited to go fighting with an unknown.
Paul Coey
Paul Coey Hace 17 días
Everyone should remember the enormous sacrifices that the USSR made to defeat the Nazis: More Russians died at Leningrad (modern St. Petersberg) than the total combined losses of the US and UK. The USSR lost 1 in 7 of its population. The UK lost 1 in 127 of its population The US lost 1 in 320 of its population. Thank you Russia!
o O
o O Hace un día
Do you believe that situation in the west today would be worse if Germans won? I'm not so sure anymore.
cristiano Ronaldo
cristiano Ronaldo Hace 16 días
It's clear that ussr defeated 1944
PEPE EL MACHO Hace 18 días
That was so good.
hike oganessian
hike oganessian Hace 18 días
very good..thx
ctcole77 Hace 18 días
Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness
Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness Hace 19 días
German Tanks: *Exist* Field Mice: Imma bout to end this man's whole career.
Daniel Dreher
Daniel Dreher Hace 20 días
Paulus surrendering German Field Marshall was lucky to be in Captivity only due to Russian Paitience!
Joe - Bang
Joe - Bang Hace 23 días
For a Russian series they certainly don't sugarcoat the Soviet blunders. I admire their honesty
Telum Atramenti
Telum Atramenti Hace un día
@LTrain 45 I can. My Russian is as good as my English, I worked as an interpreter/sight translator for Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board, and I can attest that the series' translation is quite accurate.
LTrain 45
LTrain 45 Hace 2 días
Who can be sure this is a 100% correct trsnslation? But yes, this is basically pretty honest. Perhaps it's in an attempt to separate modern Russia from its communist past.
sathish Kumar
sathish Kumar Hace 2 días
Yeah I agree but it would have been even better if they had showed anything about the first 3 battles of the Kharov...
Toma - Dorel Rosca
Toma - Dorel Rosca Hace 4 días
That makes two uf US. Congratulations.
David Clark
David Clark Hace 23 días
33:00 food was airdropped randomly but Vodka was safely parachuted down
Jun Cuenta
Jun Cuenta Hace 4 días
Now that's an epic moves
Andy T
Andy T Hace 25 días
The Germans should have kept fighting till the end. There weren't many of the 90,000 prisoners that would survive captivity.
Mike D
Mike D Hace 11 días
Michael Vukovic
Michael Vukovic Hace 27 días
One of the dumbest operations in history, thank humanity. If Germany totally focused on Stalingrad with all their force's, they surely would of captured it and blocked the river.
Вук Вуксановић
Вук Вуксановић Hace 27 días
Back when History channel actually had historical content
Вук Вуксановић
Вук Вуксановић Hace 9 días
@Gabriel Hernandez yeah i think it was 2011/2012 at least that's when i watched it
Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez Hace 9 días
Вук Вуксановић never knew it was aired on History Channel.
Вук Вуксановић
Вук Вуксановић Hace 9 días
@Gabriel Hernandez dubbed into English and aired on history channel, didn't say they made it, just that it was on it. Unlike today when 90% of history channel is about cars, pawn shops and digging gold
Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez Hace 9 días
This wasn’t on history Channel. Was a documentary made in Russia and dubbed into English.
torreseze69 Hace 16 días
Want on the history channel
Jacob Samuel
Jacob Samuel Hace 27 días
BOYCOTT Chinese made products GLOBALLY!
Minas Mina
Minas Mina Hace 27 días
Tony Romano
Tony Romano Hace 28 días
Chiukov was a badass!
Randolph Garcia
Randolph Garcia Hace un mes
Gaming Sausage
Gaming Sausage Hace un mes
The narrator speaks like a propaganda voice actor
秦始皇Qin ShiHuang
秦始皇Qin ShiHuang Hace un mes
Stalingard, Shanghai, Pavlov's House, Sihang Warehouse. Never forget.
Вук Вуксановић
Вук Вуксановић Hace 27 días
Could you tell me bit more about it
Creepy Land
Creepy Land Hace un mes
12:13 that was the german operation Overlordten XD
Apoc Hace un mes
This urban warfare must have been unimaginable horror
Precession Of The Equinoxes
Precession Of The Equinoxes Hace 19 días
Look up the battle of the tractor factory or grain soil. You're right, unimaginable horror is the perfect description.
Mahir Hussam
Mahir Hussam Hace un mes
2 million casualties
srey neat
srey neat Hace un mes
Nancy Hobson
Nancy Hobson Hace un mes
This battle was a prolonged one and bravery of an extraordinary order was shown by the defenders and civilians alike - the Battle of Stalingrad. Long may the West remember them.
anas alayyat
anas alayyat Hace un mes
Such a wonderful series
Binodh Reang
Binodh Reang Hace un mes
The rats did a great job...
annoyed707 Hace un mes
The counter attack was code named Uranus because Hitler would be handed his ass.
Gidget Trevathon
Gidget Trevathon Hace 6 días
Look at you pussy keyboard warriors
Omair Sheikh
Omair Sheikh Hace 11 días
Haha nice! If only the bastard had been caught instead of being able to commit suicide like the pathetic coward he was
Swumpy Frumpy
Swumpy Frumpy Hace 16 días
Hell yeah
Nancy Hobson
Nancy Hobson Hace un mes
Bravo! I like that one!
Ashwin Lakra
Ashwin Lakra Hace un mes
Italy , Hungary , germany - NO ONE CAN OUTRAGE RUSSIA.
Marco Bottoni
Marco Bottoni Hace 25 días
my uncle was an alpino i fougth on the don when i come back i called is son ivan
Ashwin Lakra
Ashwin Lakra Hace un mes
germany terrorists 2020
Lopamudra Ray
Lopamudra Ray Hace un mes
Battle of Stalingrad atleast showed some intelligent fighting, planned fight.
Adawg 303
Adawg 303 Hace 10 días
The Soviet’s were more scared of retreating and being punished by Stalin than dying but they did realize how important stopping hitler was at the same time
Lopamudra Ray
Lopamudra Ray Hace un mes
Maps should have been in English as well.
Shane Luffman
Shane Luffman Hace un mes
To many adverts, to much unnecessary music, no sauces supplied in description. Waste of time!
Lane Tomkow
Lane Tomkow Hace un mes
If it were me, I would have just surrounded the city and left half the air force given to the 6th army to continue pounding the city to ash whilst the rest of the 6th army continued to the Baku oil fields. Thus keeping the line of supply and communication unhindered. Ez
Phantom Lord
Phantom Lord Hace un mes
This Russian - sided documentary contains some obvious lies... Most of the civilians were forbidden to leave the city by Stalin's orders. They were dying of hostilities and hunger for months.... Soviet authorities have actually contributed to deaths of thousands of Russian civilians in Stalingrad.
Zmei Ivanych
Zmei Ivanych Hace un mes
@Ranko Orović He's a typical wheraboo, desperately trying to repaint history and shift blame to someone else as much as possible.
Ranko Orović
Ranko Orović Hace un mes
Yes,the Germans are innocent they have nothing to do with the dead civilians.Bombing the city was actually done to help the people living there.
Shawn Hace un mes
Why did Germany insist on capturing the city street by street? I'm sure there's a logical reason for why they couldn't just surround it and cut it off.
William Bai
William Bai Hace 13 días
Crossing the Volga while overcoming Russian defences on the other side would be very hard, especially in the winter.
pyatig Hace un mes
Yes that reason is river Volga-the largest river in Europe
Terry Wright
Terry Wright Hace un mes
Good series - thx
Christopher Kleinbach
Christopher Kleinbach Hace un mes
Ivan vodka is comeing😂🤣😂.
Romeo Toro
Romeo Toro Hace un mes
Germans knew what surrender meant because communist political commisars were in charge that is why so many fought to the death 9100 surrendered probably not 91000.
Romeo Toro
Romeo Toro Hace un mes
If stalin never came to power or hitler russia would be over 226-250 million instead of 146. And germany over 150. If good reasonable people ran things not whatever this are were i mean
Romeo Toro
Romeo Toro Hace un mes
does this show how political commisar teams set up mg positions and sent 2 men with 1 weapon, when 1st dies the 2nd had a mag or drum or the 5 bullets to continue.1 was shot for asking for a regular shovel he saw.
秦始皇Qin ShiHuang
秦始皇Qin ShiHuang Hace un mes
@Romeo Toro Call of Duty 1 is not a historical representation. And if you want to talk about mass murders, even if you take the highly exaggerated and falsified numbers of Stalin, Mao Zedong and whatever commie baddie you can think off, America has them all beat with the Native American Genocide. Brush up on your (real) history first bro.
Ranko Orović
Ranko Orović Hace un mes
@Romeo Toro You need to read an actual history book not learn history from movies.
Romeo Toro
Romeo Toro Hace un mes
@Ranko Orović keep beliveing in what u belive in. I will not argue and say that this is just my opinion. I love life and hate war so may peace follow u forever war is an earthquake tsunami virus. Idk if u tryed it if not u dont wana find out brother. May god bless u with peace for eternity and i wish u the best. ✌✌✌
Romeo Toro
Romeo Toro Hace un mes
@Ranko Orović i never mentioned lack of weapons i said 2 men with 1 weapon were sent to storm lines to locate mgs n snipers stalin was a maniac u dont even know the real number of russians he ececuted. Now as far as weaponns availability goes so many dead u could just pick 1 up they were probably getting enough too sonce they threw all their soviet moght stalin did this more than once against his enemys even the finns idk he enjoyed it or what i dont know why but it happened. The bolsheviks stalin mao loved mass murder and there is enough evidence.
Ranko Orović
Ranko Orović Hace un mes
@Romeo Toro The biggest problem that the Red army had was lack of time to train troops once the war started not the lack off weapons. The 2 men 1 rifle story is more applicable to the french army in 1940.
Dimitrij Shakirov
Dimitrij Shakirov Hace un mes
France was occupied in 38 days, during the same time period the Germans have only managed to cross a street in Stalingrad...
Plastick Money
Plastick Money Hace un mes
have to admit German is Badass MF
Anil Batu
Anil Batu Hace un mes
Russians are the real fighters
Ken P
Ken P Hace un mes
Stalin orders cowards fired upon..... Soldiers agree ... Patton slaps a coward and gets a reprimand
Ranko Orović
Ranko Orović Hace un mes
Red army soldiers that were from cities and areas that were occupied though that the order should have come sooner,before their home was occupied.
Doug Robbins
Doug Robbins Hace un mes
Not cowardice, at all. Some people break under the strain. Patton was an asshole, but of course not in stalin's league
Captain_Mogsey Hace un mes
I wonder if World of Tanks would be a fairer game if the outcome was different.
Bernie8330 Hace un mes
15.00 That 40,000 civilian figure must be the 3rd highest civilian casualties in a single day in the history of warfare after the two atom bombs on Japan.
Bernie8330 Hace 26 días
@don f You might be right. I forgot about that one.
don f
don f Hace 26 días
I think the fire bombing of Tokyo was actually the worst
scott left
scott left Hace un mes
Pavlov V Paulus....appauling.
Brent Hace un mes
"This offensive was code named... Your anus" lol.. aka take that Hitler
Tony Rod
Tony Rod Hace un mes
I can understand disagreeing with govt and even taking arms against it, but from there to help those that are killing you OWN people, that is the lowest cockroach can go. TRASH Hilfswilliger!
The Reality
The Reality Hace un mes
These were previously hidden, now again back💪💪💪
Bardock7500x Hace un mes
I like that they brought them back. It's not the same watching them in russian.
fusion. Hace un mes
They are using call of duty 2 sfx 1:10 rofl
wiliam james Hinde
wiliam james Hinde Hace un mes
bluelionman Hace un mes
Any one every think what world would be like if Axis won - was a distinct possibility mid war.
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Hace un mes
WW3 would probably happen and it would most likely be Africans and middle easterns against the axis and Latin countries basically any country not controlled by axis would try to fight them off tho the nazis had so many flaws that was gonna end them either way the Soviet Union helped out by a lot and the US without them the war could have lost and honestly without any of them the war would be lost and the axis would have won so it was all team work from all countries
friedrich nietzsche
friedrich nietzsche Hace un mes
Super Video, Thank you!!!
jan huss
jan huss Hace un mes
So stupid euro kiling their own euro
jan huss
jan huss Hace un mes
Gurella war
Axel Magana
Axel Magana Hace un mes
33:12 You gotta respect that haha
Satyaprakash Singh
Satyaprakash Singh Hace un mes
बहुत सुन्दर डाक्यूमेन्ट्री है । कृपया हिन्दी में भी उपलब्ध कराने की कृपा करें । आप के हिन्दी दर्शकों के लिए बहुत रोचक और ज्ञानवर्धक होगा ।
tenktorypisze Hace un mes
The real enemies were sitting in their homes laughing at the rest of the world destroing itself. Who sponsored Hitler ? Who sponsored Stalin?
Brian Ambrose McMahon
Brian Ambrose McMahon Hace un mes
Which Bankers ?
tenktorypisze Hace un mes
"Poland was occupied in 28days"...probaby because on 17th day these brave red army fu..ers attacked us from East. This movie is communistic propaganda.
Pasha Pasovski
Pasha Pasovski Hace 29 días
Ivan Pastorek
Ivan Pastorek Hace un mes
To take lands Poland have taken them in 20`s. Nice try.
Reinier Aquino
Reinier Aquino Hace un mes
Eunice Lynch
Eunice Lynch Hace un mes
Such courage in the face of an overwhelming foe. women and even children fighting for their very existence. ..amazing people ...
JOHNPAUL X Hace un mes
Wht if hitler would of took Russia 🇷🇺 would that have changed the war
Matrox One
Matrox One Hace un mes
Hilliary colluided with Russia, but tried to blame Trump.🙄🤣
Brian Ambrose McMahon
Brian Ambrose McMahon Hace un mes
Patrick Miller the FBI and CIA have established the fact that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and Trump encouraged them quite “ Russia you are listening ...” It will happen again be warned they want a weak and divided America.
Patrick Miller
Patrick Miller Hace un mes
@Brian Ambrose McMahon the dossier was fake Russian intel paid for by the DNC and how about uranium one Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State sold uranium do the Russians. Bill got paid by Russian banks to give speeches.
Brian Ambrose McMahon
Brian Ambrose McMahon Hace un mes
Source and evidence ?
Ricardo Queiroga
Ricardo Queiroga Hace un mes
Shit documentary. I stopped to watch when i saw that 40 000 Stalingrad civilians died in august single day Luftwaffe attack. This is no longer accepted by historian. This documentary pursuits sensationalism
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