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A look at how America is making the same mistakes with COVID in 2020 as it did with the Spanish Flu in 1918. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus
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Cine Updates
Cine Updates Hace 8 días
*We were masks & bikinis now to prevent the spread*
Gary Esada
Gary Esada Hace 13 días
DeeEll86442 Hace 15 días
Thank you Trevor, this was one of your best segments. I have tweeted it out many times now in hopes that people will listen. But as we know it’s virtually impossible to get the CULT OF TRUMP to believe anything except Trumps lies. Cross your fingers🤞and hope that they watch and listen.
Reddishgore Hace 21 un día
Ohhh my gosh history is repeating itself🙊
ojobone Hace 21 un día
America is not monolitic, democratic and republican states responded differently to COVID-19. This video should have talked about that.
amy joy
amy joy Hace 23 días
*frankenstein* was the name of the doctor, not the monster...
spectre Hace 25 días
You don't make comedy, you make fun of people. First you spread Racism and then you stand against it. You are just fooling yourself
WhateverDude 123
WhateverDude 123 Hace 24 días
@spectre I don't see it as discrimination
spectre Hace 24 días
@WhateverDude 123 it's not about what you like, it's about what's right. No race should be discriminated
WhateverDude 123
WhateverDude 123 Hace 24 días
I don't care if he makes jokes about white people, I'm white, i don't care, it's funny
Seth _
Seth _ Hace 25 días
Trevor gets whiter ....
Dilshani Weragama
Dilshani Weragama Hace 26 días
It's wonderful how timezones work, most of the countries live in 2020 when US lives in 1918.
Nomcebo Msomi
Nomcebo Msomi Hace 27 días
Uyishayile mfanakithi😂😂😂😂😂
Bubbles en Tête
Bubbles en Tête Hace 27 días
It’s actually not Spanish, but American
JEM Ma Hace 28 días
Would you like to try smiling - 😆
sally mullins
sally mullins Hace 28 días
My maternal grandmother lived through the 1918 epidemic and she lived to be 100. She was a loving, sweet person with a strength that would surprise you. She was orphaned during the pandemic and battled back to save what was left of her family. She was never bitter and quite possibly the kindest heart I ever knew.B safe B well everyone.
c c
c c Hace un mes
And for the records. .the "spanish" flu came from USA with the Military. Hit First Spain and got the name and went trough Europe. Than went back to USA again with the soldiers and caused a second wave.
Pome Grenade
Pome Grenade Hace un mes
When I close my eyes, Fauci finna sound like smart Trump
WhateverDude 123
WhateverDude 123 Hace 24 días
Álvaro MoVi
Álvaro MoVi Hace un mes
Of course at the end he was going to talk about Trump what a surprise! didn't saw that coming
Allard de Goede
Allard de Goede Hace un mes
When the search for truth is overshadowed by lies... you get these pieces of shit like you are watching now. Everything is divide and rule now. Trevor Noah or Travel Nowhere? Soon your reign of the fakestream media is over. People choose truth over lies, real life policy over fake life politics. CHANGE OR ELSE. It probably will be ELSE. Your bad. Karma.
Federico Rosa
Federico Rosa Hace un mes
Dude, just go on and shave, please. It will make you feel better.
Caddy Joey
Caddy Joey Hace un mes corona
abbott sam
abbott sam Hace un mes
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kimberly holness
kimberly holness Hace un mes
True definition of history repeating itself🤔😒
Yves Gysel
Yves Gysel Hace un mes
Trump does not care, how many Americans will die of Covid19. He is only interested in saving the economy and jobs. That is a fact.
CommentPoster10 Hace un mes
In 100 years there'll be another one
doom2avatar Hace un mes
So it would match the Spanish flu if we didn’t have modern medicine. Post WW2 medical science advanced faster than the rest of human history combined.
shaun september
shaun september Hace un mes
We just lost a person in south africa who was 116 years old and a survivor of the spanish flu. Rest in peace uncle Blom.
binod yumnam
binod yumnam Hace un mes
"Mask takes away one's freedom/liberty!" ONE OF THE MOST IDIOTIC PHRASE
Bryant Gomez
Bryant Gomez Hace 23 días
If it threads on their freedom to die, then yeah, that makes sense.
André Bastos
André Bastos Hace un mes
second wave......idiot
Keith Herrera
Keith Herrera Hace un mes
Liberals all have to stay in line and have the same opinion and Trevor is here every day to tell you what opinion you need to have. You sheep stay in line and agree with Trevor.
Keith Herrera
Keith Herrera Hace un mes
Why does Trevor agree with the hive mind. I already know the answer to any question I wanted to ask him. No original ideas, thoughts, or opinions.
Keith Herrera
Keith Herrera Hace un mes
Spanish flu killed over 50 million let's not compare it to this joke called covid-19
Mirror0CJ Hace un mes
in most asian countries, masks were not mandated but most people wear them anyway, then peer pressure make others wear them too
Nisveta Nina Lang
Nisveta Nina Lang Hace un mes
Do you compare Corona with spanish flu ?! Seriously?! You want to compare 1918 with 2019 ??? You just lost all credibility. For God's sake, how can you be so biased? And you call yourself jurnalist.
Andrea Wales
Andrea Wales Hace un mes
My grandfather died in 1918 from the Spanish flu.
Aychaz YT
Aychaz YT Hace un mes
"No no, we've got a mask" "It's still a mask?" "Yes, but now it's blue" And they thought there will be flying cars in the future😂😂 Seriously, how stupid can humans be? It's like how Einstein said "There's only two things that are infinite, the universe and stupid people, and I'm not sure about the first one" (not sure if that's exact) Well, at least the no-mask people make people like us look normal
TofuDream Hace un mes
Lol 100 years is literally nothing from an environmental perspective. Not a long time at all.
Travis McRae
Travis McRae Hace un mes
To bad covid 19 isn't as deadly as the Spanish flu just to sort out the world's dumbest.
Jose Loc
Jose Loc Hace un mes
Your a joke an enemy of the u.s.a
preston christianson
preston christianson Hace un mes
if the government told people to plant and protect trees a group of karen's would start cutting down trees protesting there rights.
Katie Hace un mes
Ugh~ you suck dude. Using FAKE NEWS as your resource.
guitarcountry1 Hace un mes
You don't know your timelines very well.
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