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The official champion theme for Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant.

Vitales RU
Vitales RU Hace 2 días
I can hear in the backround the sound of souls screaming
Vitales RU
Vitales RU Hace 2 días
Lee Hitashi
Lee Hitashi Hace 3 días
So we'e not gonna talk about how huge mordekaiser is?
Shiro Mayuri
Shiro Mayuri Hace 9 días
I heard some doom music around here.
Elias Mence
Elias Mence Hace 15 días
inner decay
inner decay Hace 16 días
This should be composed by Djim Gordon (Doom's composer). It would be more metal.
Lets hit 20 subscribers in 10 years
Lets hit 20 subscribers in 10 years Hace 22 días
My will is once again bound to iron Same
Dante Hellsing
Dante Hellsing Hace 22 días
Coach: Did your Hear that? Nick, Rochelle & Ellis: Yes!!! Moredekaiser: *(Approaching)* Coach: *(Looks to the Left side)* OH S***T!!!
Alex Ursu
Alex Ursu Hace 12 días
I guess it would fit. I currently have Astronomia for tank.
EvilGrinNol Hace 29 días
Fitting for a guy whose name literally translates from German to 'Murder Emperor'
Ahmedstrator Hace 29 días
Wasn't it death lord?
Vlad Frunze
Vlad Frunze Hace un mes
Несите чаю, я кончаю
Ektor Hace un mes
An Enemy: 1v1 me noob Mordekaiser: ok lol *ult The Enemy: *instant regret
GrodWare Hace un mes
Now I wish to stay in Iron IV just so I can one trick Morde the Iron Revenant
Soul fire
Soul fire Hace un mes
They should put Champ theme After he does a pentakill 🤔
Soul fire
Soul fire Hace un mes
Why do I hear boss music ? Oh right, it's morde theme.
Adam Hace un mes
That one guys there breaking his sword of Mordikiser. That exactly how it feels to fight a feed Mordikiser who yeets you into 1v1
MrStewFox Hace un mes
Bjornsnik l
Bjornsnik l Hace un mes
Is there a place i can find as a background music? Not the first part with the heavy metal, but the part with the bells and intense slow music. I like listening to it when i play Mordekaiser. It makes me perform better.
kakpah Jutawang
kakpah Jutawang Hace un mes
mordekaiser meet aatrox
Morgana, the Fallen
Morgana, the Fallen Hace un mes
Where are you, Mordekaiser mains?
sry sunlightblade
sry sunlightblade Hace un mes
the virgin vayne top vs the chad no seeker's arm guard mordekaiser
Unknown Gamer
Unknown Gamer Hace un mes
just an info : morde is the one who built Noxus
Thorin Jeager
Thorin Jeager Hace un mes
They should have called Mordekaiser the METAL revenant if you know what i mean (I'm clever rite)
Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven Hace un mes
Why i feel touch of evil is much better theme for mordekaiser
Agusvizcardi Hace un mes
what happened with the animated login screen :/
hermann fegelein
hermann fegelein Hace un mes
just his theme not login screen.
Crispy Beats
Crispy Beats Hace 2 meses
Aatrox is looking for a Stronger vessel right? And Mordekaiser is looking for a Stronger opponent right? Ever wondered what if Riot makes a sequel between them meeting and Fighting, and making us chose which side are we like the Darius and Garen thing which I picked Darius so we Won lol. If that day happens I'm picking Mordekaiser all out for Noxus I still love you Aatrox but I had to go Mordekaiser this time.
Gabriele Tortorici
Gabriele Tortorici Hace 2 meses
3 most badass champions in LoL: 1 Mordekaiser 2 Aatox 3 Pantheon
WaySensei Le Cazadore
WaySensei Le Cazadore Hace 2 meses
Vitales RU
Vitales RU Hace 2 meses
At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="26">0:26</a> its like the theme of left4dead 1
Krzysztof Suswał
Krzysztof Suswał Hace 2 meses
Soooo... Who's gonna tell him that steel is better?
AVGw Hace un mes
Not me
Sheamer Hace 2 meses
Chyba nikt byczku
Aaron VanLaecke
Aaron VanLaecke Hace 2 meses
Pyke theme lovers: ooohhh yaaaaa Yuumi theme lovers: 😱😱😨😰😥😓😢😭😭😭😭😭
Theo K
Theo K Hace 2 meses
Slan: What we gonna do with the Black Swordsman? Void: No worries, I know a friend. Mordekaizer: :D .
Not Te Moai XdXd
Not Te Moai XdXd Hace 3 meses
*mordekaiser and pantheon have left the game* *sauron and leonidas have joined the game*
Joseph rogers
Joseph rogers Hace 3 meses
This hits me right in the DOOM feels, Jesus Christ riot
Todo duro Holyfield
Todo duro Holyfield Hace 3 meses
Pior login screen da história kskskskd
Frescopino Hace 3 meses
I love how he's basically the Villain, with a capital V. This guy is trying to organize an army of souls to take over the world, he's the single most evil thing that originated from Runeterra. And he's a versatile mage/tank that can take over a variety of roles.
Brambleback Hace 8 días
@Nahuel Armesto Noxus aren't villains though?
Nahuel Armesto
Nahuel Armesto Hace 10 días
He create Noxus, the villains
SteamH4mmer Hace 18 días
He's not evil, he is granting everyone immortality
Leon Skalski
Leon Skalski Hace 25 días
@Ektor thats why i love this champ so much
Ektor Hace un mes
not really evil, he used to kill people to get to runeterras valhalla, from which he was denied because it doesnt exist. he now kills people to create his own valhalla, not to be evil or just for fun.
Dingus Hace 3 meses
Please revert him.
Potion of Vibez
Potion of Vibez Hace 3 meses
@Admostiel yes... he is AP Darius now
Admostiel Hace 3 meses
Hakkon Hace 3 meses
The Dark Lord Sauron
Zael Heimricht
Zael Heimricht Hace 3 meses
*Mordekaisee es numer uno* *HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE*
Mr. Aatrox
Mr. Aatrox Hace 3 meses
*You only need to click once fool*
Светлана Тэн
Светлана Тэн Hace 4 meses
I like this broken sword, whish reminds me of sword that cuted off Sauron finger with...... WAIT THATS ILLEGAL
Red_knight Hace 4 meses
Is sound evil and powerful I am like it
역병으사 Hace 4 meses
Jesus, just how metal is this guy?
S. Acrophys
S. Acrophys Hace 4 meses
jesus, this goes HARD
Frost Ninja
Frost Ninja Hace 4 meses
Random name
Random name Hace 4 meses
Please make it so that when Morde ults someone, the music from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3">0:03</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="10">0:10</a> will start playing for only Mordekaiser and the person he ults for the duration of the ult
Ive Mcfuckin Had it
Ive Mcfuckin Had it Hace 4 meses
That would be badass
3̶RR0̴̀̍ͅ4̶̒ Hace 4 meses
That guy in the right corner tho. He knows he goofed to a 30/0 toplaner mordekaiser
WolfGamez Hace 4 meses
Know I come from the smoke on the horizon, the sound of iron upon the ground. The smell of death and the screams of dying I leave in my wake. Some can me a man, others call me a God, both are wrong, for I am neither. I am Death, I am MORDEKAISER
Samuel O'Brien
Samuel O'Brien Hace 4 meses
Before the rework Morde was such a fun champ to play, now hes so one dimensional it feels like. And also you guys made alot of Morde mains quit. Mid_Mordekaiser for example totally changed his ESstream/Twitch name.
Potion of Vibez
Potion of Vibez Hace 3 meses
same buddy. I barely play league because of that
Layomx Brando
Layomx Brando Hace 4 meses
Riot: *reworks mordekaiser* Everyone in noxus: why do i hear boss music
Pedro Pablo Gallo
Pedro Pablo Gallo Hace 4 meses
Old Mordekaiser: Only 2 persons use them New Mordekaiser: *_I am your new God_*
League of legends es mierda adictiva
League of legends es mierda adictiva Hace 3 meses
League of legends es mierda adictiva
League of legends es mierda adictiva Hace 3 meses
New cancer has born
Gierch En
Gierch En Hace 4 meses
How boy my enthusiasm just sky rocketed from that Old Mordekaiser nostalgia ... but the concept of Mordekaiser enslaving spirits seems gone from his Ult
Gierch En
Gierch En Hace 4 meses
@Random Mordekaiser Main old Morde also destroys Darius with Flash Ghost because that's Literally also the same Spell I take either Flash Ghost or Flash cleanse as I push their Top Lane pretty Hard. Tho Flash and Exaust were my main Summoner Spell because of how Reliable it were
Gierch En
Gierch En Hace 4 meses
Now The Problem for playing Mordekaiser was his Cool Downs and Momentum so I should be building Conqueror Triumph Tenacity Last Stand Demolish Revitalize 10% CDR 6 Armor 8 Magic Resist Early Items: Cull Potion Warding Trinket Boots (May Proceed with Ninja Tabi) Control Ward Core Items: * Haunted Guise (Liandry's Torment) so you can deal 10% more Damage and proceed to Nashor's for that instant 28% CDR because, Morellonomicon is also a great Alternative but Liandry's works all the time because because of Haunting Guise Early to Mid Game * Nashor's Tooth for 20% CDR and On-Hitting Hard your Mace faster then proceed your Liandry's there after * Spirit Visage for stronger Conqueror Heal and 10% CDR * Deadman's Plate for that Dreadnought before you can proc Darkness Rising, once you build Deadman's Plate, you can proceed to Replace your boots early with Thornmail * Adaptive Helm or Thornmail - this would be depending on the opposing opposition, you can also replace 10% CDR with 10% Attack Speed if you would be taking Adapive Helm soon * Rylai's Crystal Scepter - the Reason Liandry's would be the best because the Bleed that Morellonomicon inflicts would be coming from Thornmail and with Liandry's rather than your Passive dealing Fast Ticks it literally Shreds at Mid to Late Game
nulltik Hace 4 meses
Почему-то сразу ведмак в голове.
Sir Fatman the Morbidly Obese™
Sir Fatman the Morbidly Obese™ Hace 4 meses
What i love about him the most is that his look reminds me of the overlord from the overlord game series with gnarl and the minions. Wish theyd make a 3rd game.
Razor Hace 4 meses
CTRL + 3
Ale że co , nic
Ale że co , nic Hace 5 meses
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a> When school shooter Open doors
Kerem H
Kerem H Hace 5 meses
Nerf morde
MAD DAGDAMOR Hace 5 meses
manute, the main mordekaiser/champion theme
Reči Woltrax
Reči Woltrax Hace 5 meses
When i hear it i see some monsters and himans fight in forest.
Liya Hace 5 meses
sauron got defeated in middle earth now hes dropping mordor at summoner's rift
Turbo Playz
Turbo Playz Hace 5 meses
Scorpion Hace 6 meses
Grab her by the waist Pull her close Lift her up *Welcome to Oblivion.*
Humza Qureshi
Humza Qureshi Hace 8 días
Scorpion I prefer sor ye gaton but whatever
Psychokonieses Hace 6 meses
All I want in my life is to ult someone as morde who is below 50% hp and this is what plays on their end
Langmus Hace 6 meses
League of legends will be coming out soon on mobile... Music:
Doom Soldier
Doom Soldier Hace 6 meses
He is the most badass champ now
whYLiE09 Hace 6 meses
The sounds of the game breaking
You Tube
You Tube Hace 7 meses
Bonecao da porra
Venomous Hace 7 meses
Àlvaro Perez
Àlvaro Perez Hace 7 meses
When Mordekaiser respawn: Tactical Nuke coming :v
Jonathan Christoper
Jonathan Christoper Hace 7 meses
Anyone know the time signature?
Jonathan Christoper
Jonathan Christoper Hace 7 meses
3/4 3/4 2/4 3/4 4/4
삐에러 Hace 7 meses
MordeKaiser: Welocme to the room of the truth. LoL
Samuel bro
Samuel bro Hace 7 meses
woaw mortel music àç)àà))çàççàààç
Mustafa Şenel Kargın
Mustafa Şenel Kargın Hace 8 meses
Thx riot now mid mordekaiser (mordekaiser main youtuber) hate this new mordekaiser
Medal of Homer
Medal of Homer Hace 8 meses
*A Huntsmen Spider spawns in the bathroom Me : Why do I hear boss music ?
blackberry sans
blackberry sans Hace 8 meses
George Geormpalidis
George Geormpalidis Hace 8 meses
Trash rework no balance at all. A tetrapligic developed morde
George Geormpalidis
George Geormpalidis Hace 7 meses
@Ozan Kuram with name ozan i wouldnt even leave my room.
Ozan Kuram
Ozan Kuram Hace 7 meses
xXx9Edge Lord6xXx
xXx9Edge Lord6xXx Hace 8 meses
Shadow Wealm
Hishiron Hace 8 meses
why isn't the log in screen moving
Zander Wolfe
Zander Wolfe Hace 6 meses
Riot no longer makes login screen.
El Boufo
El Boufo Hace 8 meses
tfw he gets beaten by a 10 year old yordle before level 6
Gate Curve
Gate Curve Hace 8 meses
Imagine if his ult reset on kill...
The Alpha Predator
The Alpha Predator Hace 8 meses
Imagine a dark star skin and his ult brings the target into a alternate demension inside a black hole.
Random Mordekaiser Main
Random Mordekaiser Main Hace 4 meses
Wish granted
Gigel Parigoridi
Gigel Parigoridi Hace 8 meses
I think i wouldnt be imposible to see that kind of skin in the near future.
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