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Riot Games' Greg Street and Andrei Van Roon break down every single champion from the game League of Legends. That's right, all 141 of them! From Janna to Sion to Lucien, see what Andrei and Greg have to say about your favorites.

Game Capture footage by Declan Wadey of SkinSpotlights and Scott Loranger.
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Every League of Legends Champion Explained | WIRED

Soheill Deriss
Soheill Deriss Hace un día
17:25 Wukong, a take on the monkey king, that's it?
Maria Clara Mano Zanardo De Franca
Maria Clara Mano Zanardo De Franca Hace 4 días
I swear these explenations tho!🤣 Litteraly the first one: I think he is a mummy type of thingy and he's sad 🤣
MightyYoda06 06
MightyYoda06 06 Hace 5 días
I need this to learn which is best for me
Pragya Daimary
Pragya Daimary Hace 9 días
My favourite champion Ahri
Thuy Nguyen
Thuy Nguyen Hace 9 días
So I'm gonna say this straight off the bat. The dude on the left totally reminds me of Ferb man.
Mado Hace 11 días
When did veigar become a support champion. He's supposed to be mid lane late game carry
priya marak
priya marak Hace 12 días
I feel like the game's kinda lacks graphics and dosent much depend on ur skill.U cannot be constant with a single champion and master it.Pick random champion and tap their skills.LOL we want champions to master.
PlayFood Hace 12 días
36:20 Video: Blitzcrank Subtitles: Let's cry. 😅
Dante Wolfe
Dante Wolfe Hace 14 días
Pau Hace 15 días
WHAT??? Veigar is a support champion???? i am shookt! No way, he should be in Mid, Can a support stack? His kit except for his E is totally for killing.
Prince of anime
Prince of anime Hace 15 días
Dr mundo easy to kill
Chee Won (Luke) Choi
Chee Won (Luke) Choi Hace 17 días
26:20 tried to findd my main talon for 10 minutes and all I get is "heyyy, another ninja"
Vibrant Mess
Vibrant Mess Hace 20 días
I love Illaoi
アテナAthena Hace 21 un día
Me as a Vel'Koz main- using him for mid lane
DAVID TELEVIZE Hace 21 un día
where is shyvana
Karis Rahl
Karis Rahl Hace 22 días
36:06 He straight up smashed those poor poros
sweetchaos Fox
sweetchaos Fox Hace 22 días
champions i love the most and play 😁 1:39 Diana 💖 4:20 nunu&willump 5:18 Rengar - season 3-4 before the nerf 6:44 Vi 6:52 Volibear 9:14 Darius 💖 9:55 Garen 💖 12:18 Jax 13:50 Nasus 17:48 Yasuo 18:42 Akali 18:53 Ahri 20:54 Cassiopeia 21:22 Ekko 💖 22:02 Heimerdinger 24:33 Malzahar 💖 25:31 Swain 27:33 Zed 💖 29:35 Ezreal 💖 29:56 Lucian 💖 33:00 Miss fortune💖 34:48 Annie 35:06 Bard 💖 35:46 Brand 💖 36:20 Blizcrank 💖 37:37 Karma 💖 38:16 Lulu 💖 38:30 Lux 💖 38:57 Morgana 💖 41:12 Sona 💖 41:28 Tahm Kench 42:05 Teemo 43:38 veigar 💖
Phia Hace 22 días
"Only real healer in LoL and hopefully the only one" Yuumi has entered the chat.
IcyGirlAJ TFM Hace 25 días
This video is already outdated. Annie sup isn’t a thing anymore :(
G4e4rman Hace 26 días
I feel like an rework for aurelion would bei awesome like hus Design so much but cant realy get along with his kit
G4e4rman Hace 26 días
Kindred rework incoming?
stanley c
stanley c Hace 28 días
HOLDUP NIDALEE IS IN SUPPORT? have you seen her stupid slow spear that deals 99% of the adc health
Xander Hodge
Xander Hodge Hace 29 días
Akali is top lane reeeeeeeeeeee
AboodyTUBE Hace 29 días
maokai he is a tree wow
Scarlet Masked
Scarlet Masked Hace 29 días
You can try alternating the auto attacks between wolf and lamb , and make wolf less of a kekkaishi pet dog. You created such a beautiful lore ,keep it for yourself so no other company can copy you, yet you completely blotched them. Disappointing
Wresh Pizza
Wresh Pizza Hace un mes
I need explanation for the CUTE AND MYSTERIOUS POROES!!
m0nstr Hace un mes
are we gonna ignore the fact that they spelled Lucian's name wrong in the description
André Benites
André Benites Hace un mes
3:10 Hey, maybe they could make a rework where he changes just like jayce or nidalle. Actually it makes more sense for kindred. And it could like life and death. He goes to shape wolf to deal damage and goes to sheep mode to heal his friends and give life
Omega Drake
Omega Drake Hace un mes
The Brenn
The Brenn Hace un mes
wtf is this. they just say what we see. no explination. omg so dumb
Juan Oyarzun
Juan Oyarzun Hace un mes
title should be: "2 random dudes giving their thoughts about lol champions"
Justin Doan
Justin Doan Hace un mes
20:55 cass is actually noxian and she is katarina's sister just if you didnt know that.
Wayo Wayo
Wayo Wayo Hace un mes
did he just said jarvan i vee💀💀💀 omfg
Ur got
Ur got Hace un mes
Sooooo…...they dont now the lore of half of the champs...kinda sad
Traveel Hace un mes
Where’s Veigar? Nvm: listed in the support category
Alec Newman
Alec Newman Hace un mes
26:22 Twisted Fate
M W Hace un mes
Jarvan Eye Vee
Lex Rossi
Lex Rossi Hace un mes
isnt nocturne a jungler
elpachonisimo SOS
elpachonisimo SOS Hace un mes
Illaoi x Braum my new OTP
THeDoMeTB Hace un mes
when they say cassio is shuriman, but shes actually katarinas younger sister lol
Loli Catcher
Loli Catcher Hace un mes
I waited for them to explain zoe
Niky AT
Niky AT Hace un mes
when somebody ask me about 6ix9ine 31:14
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Hace un mes
Ahri: people in korea love to play her for some reason listens to the korean voice lines for ahri i wonder why
CamoGirlCarey 18
CamoGirlCarey 18 Hace 8 días
sO kEeP yOuR eYeS oN mE nOwWwwWw
Yves Pie
Yves Pie Hace un mes
The younger guy is like a male version of Jessica Fergusson.
Tian SHTM Hace un mes
This duo is giving me life
T C Hace un mes
So the two champs without intelligible lines are Rek Sai and Kog Maw?
T C Hace un mes
No it’s bard
Mark Vicente Sanchez
Mark Vicente Sanchez Hace un mes
JARVAN I V not Jarvan Four
Mar B.
Mar B. Hace un mes
"she's very popular in korea for some reason" uh yeah because she's an east asian mythological creature lmao
GRAY Hace un mes
"syndra, he has some balls"
Yhure Sobreira
Yhure Sobreira Hace un mes
Lead Riot workers roasting League of Legends champions for 45 minutes straight
TD Hace un mes
Thresh the Wife STEALER! NTR! MEN NTR!
jinsoul's headbanged table
jinsoul's headbanged table Hace un mes
teemo: cancer incarnate
Ffb Hjfufjf
Ffb Hjfufjf Hace un mes
Whem do they find kled
RedRaven 69
RedRaven 69 Hace un mes
Nobody thought that Akali is gonna be nerfed 20 times xD
Gamer Gamer
Gamer Gamer Hace un mes
"Hi I'm Greg Street, I ruin games for different companies."
ShadowmarkReturns Hace un mes
So when all the heros are added to LoR, will new heros be made specifically for it?
luklov Hace un mes
bruh watched 30 mins for 5 secs on my main
Bananadude54 Hace un mes
What brand shirt is the guy on the left wearing?
Jason Miller
Jason Miller Hace un mes
Rammus: Okay
Artina Hace un mes
This was actually bad
郑准 Hace un mes
I only clicked on this because I saw Katarina.
PringlesTheGoose Hace un mes
fiddle support? i only play him mid ez ggwp
Death Throne
Death Throne Hace un mes
When is Talon?
Shadow182001 Hace un mes
They forgot to add that taliyah is a forgotten champ. Riot just seems to ignore her
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee Hace un mes
90% of people here ar league players that came only for their main 10% people here don't play league but just wants to kill time
Pablo Cordova
Pablo Cordova Hace un mes
Plz do a video about very hero in For Honor
gjian galac
gjian galac Hace un mes
Jarvan letter I and V. Imma stop watching
Scudmaster11 Hace un mes
i play orianna ... i don’t recommend if your new at the game ... tuff champion to play
Khanh Huynh
Khanh Huynh Hace 2 meses
Normal people: Jarvan the 4th Greg: *J a r v a n I V*
6:16 memories
Alsy Hace 2 meses
Talks about Fiora - shows Janna :D
Badguy Birdie
Badguy Birdie Hace 2 meses
Man this video would be super helpful if I were blind
svkbw Hace 2 meses
Seems like they don't know anything about the characters
Marvin Abt
Marvin Abt Hace 2 meses
if you listen carefully, you find out they commented on the champions in alphabetical order, and then afterwards they cut it in a way to sort it by role, taking some website to assign the role. Probably just so that we dont search for a specific champion and skip the rest of the video, if we dont wanna watch it
Hampud Vestman
Hampud Vestman Hace 2 meses
was that just 45 min of my life xd
paul varus
paul varus Hace 2 meses
Pretty sure Players know their champions more than the developers.
WitcherDonpeke Hace 2 meses
Yasuo shows up. This guy: Ah yasuo...The Mains of Cancers.
SquishCat Hace 2 meses
they should do an updated version with the vgu's and reworks
Kevin Corrigan
Kevin Corrigan Hace 2 meses
do one for dota 2
Aaron Yoon
Aaron Yoon Hace 2 meses
this vid should be called "every lol champ D E S C R I B E D"
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